How Do I Start?

Starting works as follows :

  • MEET OUR DIETICIAN: You can come in to our center or our dietician can come and visit you at home. We will learn about your medical history and what are typical problems for you. We will also note your weight, HBA1c and other important details.
  • INSTALL GLUCOSE MONITORING CHIP: This chip is installed on you to get a closer look at how your body's sugar moves during the day. This data is collected for 48-72 hours and reviewed before starting the delivery program.
  • DOCTOR REVIEW: The doctor will review your glucose levels and your current medications. Any medication changes will be advised by the doctor.
  • FOOD DELIVERY BEGINS: Food delivery begins. We work with you to understand your tastes and preferences. So far everyone has complained that there is too much food and they cannot finish it.
  • GLUCOSE LEVEL REVIEW AND MEDICINE ADJUSTMENT: We review how the food is impacting your blood glucose levels and the doctor adjusts medication accordingly. We keep reviewing your glucose levels and weight to ensure we keep moving forward.