To Enquire please email or whatsapp to +91-9999-84-6622

Consulting Services:

Monthly Consulting Package : Rs.5000
(Includes 4 consulting sessions)

Individual Consulting Sessions:

Endocrinologist consult : Rs.2000
Dietician consult : Rs.2000
At Home Visit By Dietician : Rs.3000
Session with Mr. Junior Gupta : Rs.10,000
add ons:
CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitoring patch - Rs.4000

Deliveries: Free delivery within Gurgaon and South Delhi
Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad not serviced at this time


  • In case you cancel subscription before the complete course we will deduct price of CGMs and consultations.
  • You can cancel anytime with full refund for remaining balance minus any charges for complimentary CGMs or consultations.
  • If you only pay for 10 days and want the CGM we will charge the full price. If you extend the subscription to 1 month we will deduct charges for CGM and consultations.

​To enquire please email us or WhatsApp to +91-9999-84-6622